"Our wounds are often openings into the best and most beautiful part of us."

- David Richo

Leah has experience working with children and adolescents, ages 6-18, with post traumatic stress, child abuse, anxiety disorders, depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm, relationship issues, and self-esteem. She also has experience working with families who are having problems with communicating, conflict resolution, and/or life cycle transitions.

Kelly Evans has been working in the mental health field for fifteen years; working in outpatient therapy with individuals, couples, and families for the past six years. Before that, she was providing individual and family therapy to children, teenagers, and their parents in their homes. Kelly also has worked with people with traumatic brain injuries and their families and caregivers. She worked with men who struggle with issues of sexuality both individually and in group therapy settings.  Kelly is skilled and experienced working with people who struggle with co-occurring mental illness and chemical dependency. She has many years of experience treating anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and bi-polar disorder. Kelly is a strong ally to the LGBTQ community and works with many people who are a part  of this community.

"I believe the therapeutic relationship plays an essential role in creating long lasting change towards greater fulfillment and meaning in our lives."

leah mcellistrem therapist


leah mcellistrem therapist

Kelly Evans 

Elisabeth strives to help children, adolescents, and adults reach their goals by experiencing an emotionally safe space to process thoughts and feelings. Elisabeth specializes in working with children ages 4-12, in addition to adolescents and adults. Elisabeth meets anyone who enters her office with a warm smile and a listening ear. Clients who work with Elisabeth find the relationship authentic and the therapeutic process rewarding.

Katrina Seitz - Anderson

Danielle is a graduate-level intern and is completing her master’s degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling with Walden University. Danielle has worked with children and families from all backgrounds for over a decade. Having worked in Vietnam and Honduras and advocated for Minnesota’s refugee populations, Danielle recognizes the strengths of all religions and cultural backgrounds.

Kelly’s experience consists of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families from many different backgrounds. She uses evidence-based methods with a central focus on relationships, self-care, and healthy coping skills. Many people seek therapy because they are feeling stressed, anxious, sad and depressed, or are unhappy in their relationship's. Kelly approaches therapy with an open, non-judgmental stance.  Therapy is more than simply listening. She will actively listen, reflect, and challenge you to grow. Kelly will see your strengths and help you build on them. She believes through a safe and trusting partnership - change can happen. Kelly will listen to your personal and relational goals and help you on your path.  

Danielle has been married for seven years, and she and her husband are avid football and soccer fans.  She is an active member of a number of women’s organizations in the Twin Cities and is passionate about developing leadership skills in girls and women.


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"I believe that strong communities start in the home and seeks to strengthen marriages and partnerships."

As a therapist, Leah strives to create a safe and comfortable environment in which clients can feel supported and move toward growth. She believes in utilizing a client's unique strengths to help them work through stressful life events. Leah collaborates with clients to find ways to find acceptance around difficult situations, find self-compassion, and live life from a mindful place. She has special interests in working with children, adolescents, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and relational conflicts.

Samantha Rivera 

Elisabeth Emmerich earned her master's degree from Bethal University and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and Registered Play Therapist (RPT). Elisabeth's areas of expertise include anxiety, ADHD, depression, trauma, parenting concerns, social skill deficits, Autism, relationship issues, behavioral concerns, family issues, life transitions and premarital counseling. 

Leah has worked with adults with post traumatic stress, anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, and relationship stress. She also has experience working with couples who are struggling with many different relationship issues, including: co-parenting, financial stress, infidelity, abuse, divorce or separation, and communication problems.

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Outside of the office, Elisabeth spends time with her husband and two sons. She enjoys walking around the lakes and exploring new restaurants and shops in the Twin Cities.

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Katrina’s therapy approach is integrative and weaves together therapy theories that are complementary. She utilizes basic Somatic Experiencing techniques to help clients heal their dysregulated and overwhelmed nervous systems. Katrina likes to use imagery and metaphors to help visualize and illustrate our life stories and experiences. Our lives are rich with ways to find and make meaning.

Katrina earned her master’s degree from Saint Mary’s University and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Katrina is a Beginning Student of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. Outside of the office she likes to work on various D-I-Y home improvement projects, cooking new recipes, and cuddling with her cats.

​​Katrina believes there is courage, strength, and, ultimately, healing when we express and release emotional pain. She also believes that all people hold innate capacity for healing and is committed to assisting you to tap into this capacity in a safe and supportive way. Katrina attends to your therapeutic connection in order to ensure you feel understood and validated throughout your sessions. With this support and your participation, you are open to assume new perspectives and explore your inner sensations, thought patterns, and behaviors. Feeling understood, seen, and supported you experience a sense of being grounded, calm, and centered. Katrina’s goal is for you to integrate new behaviors outside of therapy so you live fully in the here and now - in your mind, body, and spirit.

Leah McEllistrem 

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 Danielle Houser

"My goal is for you to integrate new behaviors outside of therapy so you live fully in the here and now - in your mind, body, and spirit."

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Samantha approaches her work with clients and your decision to enter therapy with openness, respect, and curiosity. She believes that the therapeutic relationship acts as a healing agent, allowing for opportunity to grow and heal. Samantha's approach is interactive and dynamic, meaning she will work collaboratively with you in a reflective process that aims to help you become more connected and integrated with all the parts of your self. Samantha's style incorporates awareness of the past with the focus on improving satisfaction and fulfillment in the present. We will work together to better understand how long standing patterns shaped by past experiences, fears, and inner conflicts could be impacting your current relationships, expectations, and beliefs. She believes that therapy is just as much about feeling validated and heard as it is about actively empowering yourself to direct your own life. Samantha utilizes your strengths to foster the development of coping skills that support you in promoting positive change and reaching your goals.

Trisha believes that we all possess the power to create the necessary changes toward achieving greater peace and contentedness. She notices that people sometimes feel as though they are unable to pursue their path to happiness due to depressed mood, low self-esteem, anxiety, fear, or societal or relationship pressures. She believes that the support and guidance of a trusted confidante can help you identify your personal strengths and challenges, so you can find ways to either overcome or adapt to obstacles. Trisha will help you feel safe and comfortable on the journey of self-exploration, reflection, and finding the courage to stretch beyond your comfort zone.​

safe and comfortable therapy

Trisha Hartmann 

Many people experience times of personal difficulty, whether it’s situational or ongoing. Trisha enjoys watching her clients transform into newly empowered individuals, with the courage to conquer life’s challenges -- especially during

tough transitions.

Sometimes individual difficulties can affect relationships, or vice versa. Trisha views humans as relational beings, who thrive when well connected with the significant people in their world. When seeing couples or families, she strives to help keep relationships together. Trisha works to help people in conflict find solutions so that they can work through challenges, become better understood, and feel closer to each other.

When she’s not in the office, Trisha loves spending time with her partner and their new baby. She has traveled through many parts of the world and has lived abroad in different countries; this has helped her deepen her understanding of people and the world. She loves exploring new places, both near and far, especially when new foods are a part of the journey.​

Elisabeth Emmerich 

Katrina has experience working with adolescents (12+), their families, and adults on issues of post-traumatic stress from experiences of abuse and neglect, social anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, and serious and persistent mental illness. Katrina especially enjoys working with clients who are motivated to heal ingrained emotional reactions and interrupt disruptive patterns through increased self-awareness and self-acceptance. She is an ally to the LBGTQ community and people who may experience discrimination in our society based on their identity. When making highly personal decisions, we deserve to listen to our deepest needs and deserve to be supported non-judgmentally as we make choices aligned with those deepest needs.

Katrina earned her master’s degree from Saint Mary’s University and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Katrina is a Beginning Student of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. Outside of the office she likes to work on various D-I-Y home improvement projects, cooking new recipes, and cuddling with her cats.

When Samantha is out of the office she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, tending to her plants, playing volleyball, listening to live music, and trying new restaurants in the twin cities. 


Masters Level Intern


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Trisha is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 10 years of experience providing therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Her experience includes helping adolescents (age 14+) and adults with depressed mood, anxious feelings, life transitions, self-esteem, stress management, women's issues, family/parenting concerns, and relationship issues of all types. Trisha’s approach to therapy is collaborative; she genuinely enjoys helping clients understand their own needs, strengths,
and how to pave the way towards feeling their best.

“Healing and change is possible. Together we can accomplish your goals.”

leah mcellistrem therapist
safe and comfortable therapy
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therapy safe quote
therapy safe quote
leah mcellistrem therapist

"The support and guidance of a trusted confidante can help identify your personal strengths, challenges, and find ways to adapt and/or overcome obstacles."

Samantha received her Master in Social Work from Smith College School for Social work. She has worked with individuals, couples, and families for the past seven years. She works with people who are experiencing symptoms such as low mood, depression, anxiety, trauma, shame, and loneliness. She incorporates somatic and mindfulness techniques into her work. She works to create an affirming space for LGBTQ folks as well as folks from a diverse range of racial, ethnic, and spiritual identities.

​​Kelly Evans earned a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Argosy University and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and a member of Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  Kelly is a Board-Approved Clinical Supervisor and also offers supervision to therapists in training.   

On a personal note, Kelly is married with two sons. She loves to spend time with her family, specifically outdoors. She enjoys all kinds of music. Kelly grew up in Upstate NY and moved to the midwest at the end of high school.  She enjoys exploring the city and trying new restaurants.

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Danielle believes that strong communities start in the home and seeks to strengthen marriages and partnerships. Relationships can bring about extreme joy and deep pain. Danielle helps create a space in which couples can work to heal emotional wounds. Danielle is also interested in working with individuals and couples experiencing anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relational conflict, life-cycle transitions, and overall lack of purpose and joy.

Danielle has a special interest in supporting women struggling with the mental health concerns that can accompany physical issues such as adrenal fatigue (burnout), thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal imbalances, obesity and weight-related concerns, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and perimenopause and menopause.

leah mcellistrem therapist