Sarah Schwie therapist

Sarah approaches therapy from a place of compassion and acceptance. She believes in the power of safe, trusting relationships to create change and that authentically expressing oneself is key to healing. She will work with you to explore your patterns and create a deeper connection with yourself and others. 

Samantha Widman Therapist

Libby Luecke

Samantha is a student at St. Mary's University working towards her master's degree to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her calm and inviting presence supports open and direct conversation that explores all aspects of relationships and life. She believes in a holistic approach to one's well-being and considers the mind-body connection in her work.

"Our wounds are often openings into the best and most beautiful part of us."

- David Richo

Amanda Hancock

Samantha Schwarz

Samantha Widman Therapist

Jenny Miller

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Sarah Lindsey

Kelli Therapist


As a Marriage and Family Therapist, my therapy style is to create a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental space where we can explore the issues you would like to work on together. I strongly believe in the healing that can come through a trusting theraputic relationship.

Masters-Level Intern- Marriage and Family Therapy

She/her/hers.  I am passionate about supporting children (ages 7+), teens, 20’s & 30’s somethings, as well as couples & families through coping with transitions and life difficulties.  I apply my own experience and wisdom, and we approach your concerns and joys together.  I see therapy as more of an art than a science, believing that it is most about building relationships and hope. 

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Kelly Evans 

Jessica Haas

Corinne Sundell

Kelly’s experience consists of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families from many different backgrounds. She uses evidence-based methods with a central focus on relationships, self-care, and healthy coping skills. Many people seek therapy because they are feeling stressed, anxious, sad and depressed, or are unhappy in their relationship's. 

Corinne Therapist


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Libby Therapist
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Jenny is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over ten years of experience working with couples, families, adults and adolescents. Jenny approaches therapy with curiosity and compassion. She believes we are all doing the best we can with what we know, yet there are times on our journey that we seek change, healing or growth.

Samantha Widman


Amanda Hancock Therapist

As a marriage and family therapist, I strive to help individuals, couples, and families build stronger and healthier relationships with themselves and others. I approach therapy from a gentle, yet direct, place, using mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance. 

Samantha Widman Therapist

Eleanor Miller

Kelli Skoog

Corinne holds a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, allowing her to work systemically through issues brought into the therapy office.  She works with all ages, children, teens, families and couples, with a focus on children and families. For everyone who sees her, Corinne brings a passion for utilizing play, coupled with a Narrative Therapy-style which helps...


Samantha Widman Therapist

I earned my Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University in Eagan, MN and I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. I am a member of the Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. I am a Minnesota Board Approved Clinical Supervisor and offer supervision to therapists in training.

Libby is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is passionate about working with individuals and families to find hope in their struggles and freedom from emotional pain. Libby works from a systems approach and has a strong desire to help clients discover and engage in healthy relationships with themselves and others. 



Leah McEllistrem 

Lindsay approaches therapy with compassion and authenticity. She believes in the importance of her relationship with you and creates a space where you will feel accepted, understood, and

Adam Steinbach


Jessica Haas Therapist

Lindsay Gades


Gwen Day

I hold a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  My primary goal is to make therapy a safe, collaborative space where choice and possibility are the most important pieces of our relationship. My approach is grounded in the idea that people are the experts of their own lives and that they can access and develop knowledge that will assist them in getting in front of their problems.

Sarah brings authenticity, compassion and humor to her work as a therapist. She is relational in her work, and believes in the importance and strong impact that relationships (both primary attachments and current connections) can have in people’s lives. 

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Sarah King


Amanda views every individual as unique, which is reflected in her therapeutic approach. She views her role as a partner to come alongside her clients to help them discover their strengths in order to work through life’s difficulties. 

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Gwen Day therapist
Samantha Widman Therapist

I earned my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s University.  Since graduation I have enjoyed working with a variety of clients from diverse backgrounds.  I have experience working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, life transitions, and men’s mental health. I believe that every person can benefit from therapy and I approach my clients with an open and honest attitude.

Jessica is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and she works with children, individuals, couples, and families. She believes that relationships can be an important part of the healing process, whether these are relationships with family and friends or the therapeutic relationship that is built in sessions.