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As a marriage and family therapist, I strive to help individuals, couples, and families build stronger and healthier relationships with themselves and others. I approach therapy from a gentle, yet direct, place, using mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance. I believe in utilizing each client's unique strengths to help them find hope in the midst of suffering. My focus is on helping clients with anxiety, trauma, depression, and interpersonal problems.

I have completed specific trainings in treating trauma, including EMDR Basic Training through the EMDR Institute and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I enjoy working with teenagers and adults struggling with self-identification, life transitions, family stress, and inter/intrapersonal problems. I also enjoy working with couples experiencing a lack of connection or difficulties communicating. I offer the Prepare/Enrich Assessment to couples wanting pre-marital counseling or for couples looking for a relationship “tune-up”.

In my personal life, I practice yoga and mindfulness often and enjoy bringing this into sessions with my clients. I believe in the importance of understanding the body as it responds to mental health and incorporating sensory awareness in therapy.

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1114 Grand Ave, St. Paul, MN 55105


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Leah McEllistrem

"I approach therapy with a non-judgemental stance."