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"My goal is for you to integrate new behaviors outside of therapy so you live fully in the here and now - in your mind, body, and spirit."

​​Katrina believes there is courage, strength, and, ultimately, healing when we express and release emotional pain. She also believes that all people hold innate capacity for healing and is committed to assisting you to tap into this capacity in a safe and supportive way. Katrina attends to your therapeutic connection in order to ensure you feel understood and validated throughout your sessions. With this support and your participation, you are open to assume new perspectives and explore your inner sensations, thought patterns, and behaviors. Feeling understood, seen, and supported you experience a sense of being grounded, calm, and centered. Katrina’s goal is for you to integrate new behaviors outside of therapy so you live fully in the here and now - in your mind, body, and spirit.

Katrina’s therapy approach is integrative and weaves together therapy theories that are complementary. She utilizes basic Somatic Experiencing techniques to help clients heal their dysregulated and overwhelmed nervous systems. Katrina likes to use imagery and metaphors to help visualize and illustrate our life stories and experiences. Our lives are rich with ways to find and make meaning.

Katrina assists young adult (18+) and adult individual clients in healing from:

  • distress and sense of over-whelm
  • feeling shut-down, numb, or cut off from yourself or others
  • feeling tense or wound up
  • loss of energy, meaning, and enjoyment in life
  • low self-esteem, highly self-critical, self-blame, shame
  • relational conflicts and patterns
  • emotional wounds from experiences of trauma and abuse

Katrina has experience working with adolescents (12+), their families, and adults on issues of post-traumatic stress from experiences of abuse and neglect, social anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, and serious and persistent mental illness. Katrina especially enjoys working with clients who are motivated to heal ingrained emotional reactions and interrupt disruptive patterns through increased self-awareness and self-acceptance. She is an ally to the LBGTQ community and people who may experience discrimination in our society based on their identity. When making highly personal decisions, we deserve to listen to our deepest needs and deserve to be supported non-judgmentally as we make choices aligned with those deepest needs.

Katrina earned her master’s degree from Saint Mary’s University and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Katrina is a Beginning Student of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. Outside of the office she likes to work on various D-I-Y home improvement projects, cooking new recipes, and cuddling with her cats.

​Katrina works at: 1032 Grand Ave, suite 201 St. Paul MN 55105

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Katrina Seitz-Anderson

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